DIY Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, cleaning your car upholstery needs to be done from time to time.  However, many people do not know the RIGHT way to clean their vehicles upholstery and often end up using too much water and/or soap.  Thus in turn their vehicle tends to lock in a must damp smell that can be hard to get rid of.  We have a couple DIY hacks to help you clean your car’s upholstery safely and effectively.


More is NOT better-  People tend to think that the more soap or water they use they better they stains and dirt will come out.  However, this is not the case and in fact harm the fabric.  Why? Moisture is NOT good for fabric and can damage it.  Also adding too much soap or water to your car’s upholstery can lock in moisture and give you a damp, musty smell.  With more moisture dirt tends to stick better and in the long run yo have more dirt and grim trapped in your cars fabric.

cleaning car

Remove Stains Before Thoroughly Cleaning-using a baking soda and water mixture gently scrub stains that stand out with a toothbrush.  Once you have scrubbed let the mixture sit on stains and penetrate for about 30 min before wiping off and absorbing with a dry clean towel.

Baby Wipes Are Your New Best Friend-Using a baby wipt to gently scrub out stains is another alternative to the baking soda and water mixture.  Why?  Baby wipes have the perfect amount of chemical free soap and moisture level to effectively work like magic.  Not to mention because they are free of chemicals, they are safe to use when children are traveling in your car or someone may have sensitive skin.

Club Soda- Club soda is known to remove stains from clothing if applied shortly after stain occurs.  It must be the bubbles!  So why can’t the same be said for car’s upholstery?  In fact club soda is another cheap and chemical free alternative when cleaning your car’s interior.  Just bolt on to stain with a towel and gently scrub with that toothbrush we talked about if need be!

Get Rid Of Odors First-  Before embarking on your car upholstery mission make sure to remove odors first!  We don’t want the little amount of water or moisture we are using to add to the odors that are already there.  So how do you get rid of odors without the use of a car air freshener that just masks the smell anyway?  Simply fill two bowl with white vinegar and leave one in the front seat of your car and one in the back seat overnight.  Make sure that all of your windows are rolled up tightly and all doors and trunks are shut tightly too. In the morning the vinegar should absorb all odors.  Dump bowls of vinegar and leave car with all windows and doors open until the smell of vinegar is now completely gone.  This is another safe way to eliminate odors without the use of harsh chemicals.  The environment and your vehicles passengers will definitely appreciate it!

Now that you have a basic knowledge and guide on how to properly clean your car’s upholstery we wish you luck on your cleaning journey.  Always remember LESS IS MORE!