How Important Is A Transmission Flush?







Preventative maintenance is highly recommended to keep your vehicle running at top performance and increase its overall longevity. But how important to this maintenance are Transmission Flushes? And what exactly are the differences between a flush and a replacement of transmission fluid?  In fact what does transmission fluid even do for your vehicle and why is it so essential?  Ok, so first things first.  Transmission fluid is a type of oil that helps lubricate gears in your car’s transmission.  It also acts as a coolant to keep gears running at lower temperatures.  Overtime the ingredients in this oil start to break down thus throwing off the balance created by optimal transmission fluid.  When this breakdown occurs the temperatures are not balanced while also leaving gears less lubricated and working harder.  This imbalance can cause numerous issues throughout your car’s entire engine and can eventually lead to complete transmission failure which we all know is NOT a good thing at all.

Although it first seems a lot easier and quicker to just have your transmission fluid drained and replaced a complete transmission flush will actually replace more of your transmission fluid than just a replacement of fluids.  A complete transmission flush will replace old unusable transmission fluid while also cleaning the transmission itself in the process.  When having a complete flush done you will see a lot better of performance out of your vehicle than just a replacement of fluids as well. Infact a Transmission Flush encompasses all of the following:

  • Helps to reduce and rid transmission gears and parts from any debris or any other foreign matter that may have found its way into your transmission. Thus helping cause less wear and tear on engine parts.
  • Lessens wear and tear on all internal engine components thus creating a longer life span for your vehicle.

In a nutshell we recommend that you have your transmission flushed verses just replacing the fluids.  We also recommend following these transmission maintenance techniques as to help keep your transmission running with optimal performance.

Transmission Maintenance Tips

  1. Check transmission fluid regularly
  2. Use the right transmission for your vehicle
  3. Have your transmission inspected annually
  4. Make sure to maintain/service engines cooling system
  5. Warm your car up before you drive it(esp in cold weather)
  6. Change transmission filter periodically
  7. Refrain from towing with your vehicle
  8. Have your transmission fluid flushed regularly
  9. Refrain from driving for a long period on a spare tire( creates unnecessary strain on transmission)
  10. Make sure to be at a complete stop before shifting between gears

If your follow along with these maintenance tips as well has have your car serviced regularly with oil changes, tune ups and transmission flushes you should see less to non existent transmission issues.