Traditional Paint Job vs. Vinyl Wraps

With ever growing and updated technology many things in all spectrums of life are changing or improving.  Including the way automobiles are built and how they run in general.  Think self driving cars, electric cars, better GPS systems, reverse cameras, etc.  So why wouldn’t technology allow for better ways to customize your car that don’t include the traditional paint job!  These days you can embolize your car with your business/company logo.  You’re literally a driving advertisment for your business. Does a traditional paint jop offer this benefit?  Not exactly, and if some how it did that paint job would take for ever and propbably cost a lot of money.  To reverse it would be another story!  Enter in vinl wraps.  One of the trending and growing ways to update the look of your car without actually changing the original paint job.  In fact vinyl wraps have been proven to protect the life and quality of your original paint job.  If you decide car
you don’t like your vinyl wrap anymore, you may simply have it removed with no damage to the underlying paint!  As an automotive tips & advice blog we strive to provide the best advice and techniques when it comes to automobiles.  We think in a nut shell that vinyl wrapping is probably one of the best things to happen to the automobile world.  Why? Beacuse literally you can wrap just about any transportation device.  Jet ski, boat, moped, food truck, semi, company fleet of cars and more!  We thought  we would give the breakdown on traditional paintjobs vs. vinyl wraps!